Women Who Love Crossdressers

In the first few minutes of a call with a first-time crossdressing client, I’m often asked: Do you really understand what I’m going through? Do you think I’m weird for dressing like a woman? Could you be attracted to a man who wears panties? Do you think I’m pathetic? Why would you care?…

I heart crossdressers!

All good and valid questions. So if you are thinking of calling me for the first time, or it’s been awhile since we talked, and you need to refresh your memory, here are a few things I think you might find helpful to know.

I Dressed My Brother From A Young Age

I will never know exactly what it’s like to be a guy who wears women’s panties, but I do know about how my brother loved being dressed up as a young boy. I dressed him from the time he could walk, and turned his baby blanket into a strapless long gown. Later he joined me and my friends when we played ‘dress up’ and oh how he loved the attention when we fussed over him and put lipstick, wigs, dresses, and heels on my baby brother! He has struggled with his femininity most of his life. I have a deep understanding of some of the trials and tribulations that go along with being a crossdresser.

Are There Really Women Out There That Love Crossdressers?

Yes! I talk to crossdressers every day who are married or in a committed relationships with a woman, or dating a woman and she knows about his love of panties and need to dress. Did you know that it’s been estimated that over 80% of crossdressers are straight?

For those of you too afraid to tell your significant other, I understand this too. We can talk about ways to bring it up, or just chat about it in general–getting things off your chest (no pun intended), even, and sometimes especially, with a stranger can be surprisingly gratifying. But trust me, we won’t be strangers for long. I have close bonds with many of my long time crossdressing callers and there’s always room for one more!

Do I Like Sissies and/or Crossdressers?

Of course I do! Otherwise I wouldn’t have this job! Because of my history with my brother, I will always have a soft spot for crossdressers. I love the sensuality, the feminine impulse, and the great sensitivity that crossdressers bring to the mix. For full disclosure, I’m a dominant woman and I date alpha-males, but that’s why I so thoroughly enjoy the friendship of my sweet and sassy crossdressing girlfriends! We can gossip, giggle and even commiserate about the often unfathomable mind of the straight male. With me you can let it all out, no comment or topic will ever be “too feminine” or  silly for discussion. We can talk about serious matters too, and you will never have to worry about being too much, too personal, or too emotional. That’s what I’m here for.

I hope this answered some of your questions. I’ve posted extensively about many issues to do with crossdressing here at caughtinpanties.com, so I hope that when you have a moment you’ll peruse the index for previous posts. If you’d like to connect and I’m not immediately available, please feel free to email me at Audrey@Enchantrixempire.com. I take calls and am also available for text sessions most evenings and if you want to schedule an alternate time, I’m happy to accomodate you with advance notice.

3 thoughts on “Women Who Love Crossdressers”

  1. Great post. I always love reading your posts. There is just something so spectacular dressing in the outfits you recommend. I love that photo of you in this post. It is awesome. Talk to you soon.

    your submissive sissy
    micro mini tina

  2. Goddess Audrey, You are the real deal. Everything you said in this post is true. The other thing is that I feel not only am I your sissy but also a great friend of yours. You heart crossdressers and I heart Goddess Audrey. I also know I can tell you more secrets.

  3. Totally Agree!!Great Post!!!I love the feel of dresses/bra/panties/lipstick/perfume!!!Love Love dressing in womens clothes!!!Its such a relese as I work with all men and no girls. No one knows in my family nor will they. It harmless fun which I enjoy. Im hoping I can meet girls into dressing me if not I can always call MsAudrey.

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