Feminized Sissy Bride

Wish you could be a feminized sissy bride? Check out my new schedule and I can make that happen. In the meantime, today’s story is about nails, makeup, waxing, getting out of chastity and dressing in a satin bridal gown fit for a sissy!

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In the meantime, I have a story submitted by a reader that I’ve been meaning to post for the longest time. I hope you enjoy!

Nails, Makeup Waxing

Of course the girls had a camera at the salon. There were pictures of me with the girls as we had our nails done. They thought it would be best if I had a full set of acrylic nails since my nails weren’t long enough and then had them finished in a fancy, French manicure style. Then as the other girls were having their nails done, I was brought to the makeup station. Every now and then one of the girls would stop by and ohh and ahh over the progress that was being made. The most embarrassing part was having the other customers or a teenage girl point and giggle at me. It took at least an hour to get my face on properly. There was time spent waxing my brow, applying foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lip liner, lipstick, bronzer, yada, yada, yada…and the pictures. Suzy couldn’t get enough pictures of me getting all made up. After that it was another thirty minutes fluffing and styling the wig so that it was just so and fitted to my head right.

As we drove back to my place I pointed out that we still had about four hours until party. Chrissie said that would give us plenty of time to get dressed and go and take some photos for my wedding album. This was the first I had heard of this plan but it would just give me more time to enjoy being dressed.

Cathy reached over and ran her fingers over my hairless arm and commented on how smooth it was. I didn’t tell the girls, but for the last week I had been using baby oil on my arms and legs after I got out of the shower each day. It was a trick I had learned from an ex-girlfriend when I had made the same comment about her soft skin. It still was a little disconcerting though when I wore jeans. The material seemed to want to stick to my skin without the hair there. I had even taken to wearing thigh highs under my pants for the past few days since the waxing, which, looking backs, was just as painful as the girls had described it would be.

Out of Chastity & Getting Dressed

Once we were back at my place it was time to get dressed. I excused myself to go get started. I had learned through trial and error over the years to apply my press on nails after I had finished dressing because long nails made things like garter tabs and zippers much more difficult. This time my nails had been glued on before I had the opportunity to get dressed. I worked slowly so as not to break a nail and hadn’t made much progress before a knock on the door came asking if everything was all right. I told the girls about my problem and their first reaction was to tell me, under any circumstances, not to ruin my nails. Zeny asked if I was decent before coming in and I was…sort of. I had managed to put on the corset but not tighten it and I had pulled the garter tabs through the leg opening of my panties.

The door opened and I saw Zeny and Catherine cover their mouths as they
tried to hold back their laughter. They had seen me in the corset before with a pair of shorts on but never quite this feminized. There I was in full makeup and and updo, hairless as a newborn wearing nothing but a bridal corset and panties. The panties themselves were French cut so there was quite a bit of skin showing. There were ties at the sides with a big bows and they were covered with rows of white ruffles in the front and back. They asked me where I got such a pretty pair of panties and I said they were in the same box as the corset, I just assumed I was supposed to wear them. They said that was fine they were just surprised at how different I looked dressed like this. Luckily, the frilly ruffles and the fact that the panties were a snug fit helped to hide the fact that I was getting a little hard. Of course it didn’t help that I had finally been able to remove the chastity device and my penis wanted to explore its recently new found freedom. Zeny and Catherine explained that the bridesmaids were supposed to help the bride get dressed anyways, and that they could help me finish dressing if I needed it. So they sat me on the edge of the bed and pulled out a fresh pair of stockings. One at a time they slid the gossamer thin fabric up my now smooth legs. They stood me up and tightened the corset around my waist and made sure everything fit properly and I was comfortable. They were both very helpful and went about the business of getting me dressed just as if I were one of the girls. Forutom att slots online har gjort spelen mycket mer lattillgangliga, sa finns det manga andra fordelar med att spela slots just pa internet, i jamforelse med att spela fysiska spelautomater i en bar eller pa ett casino.. I tried to fasten the stockings to garters but with the long nails it was useless. I had a difficult time keeping my emotions and my cock under control as they finished smoothing the nylons up my legs and brushing my inner thigh and ass cheeks with their fingers as they attached the garters. They sat me back down on the bed to help me with my shoes and I quickly jumped back to my feet. They both looked at me oddly and asked what was wrong and I turned a little red and said I was fine. I told them I felt a little pinch from the corset boning was all that had happened. I sat back down and Catherine slid a white satin pump with a three inch heel onto my foot and started to buckle the strap. Zeny was doing the same with my right shoe and stopped to look around a little bit confused. She asked what that buzzing sound was. I stopped biting my upper lip and told her it was probably just my pager from work. The truth was Audrey had another of her little tricks planned for me. Before the girls had come in to help me dress I had found something besides the panties in the corset box. Audrey had left a note and a small egg shaped device maybe three inches long and an inch and a half in diameter with a plastic cord connected to the end. The note said to lubricate the egg and slide it in my ass. I did just that and left the cord end out thinking it was to help remove the item later. It felt kind of sexy as I pulled up the panties and the egg was certainly a unique sensation as I walked around. The cord was actually an antenna for the remote control vibrator that was inside the egg and now in my ass. I certainly couldn’t explain that to the girls and I had to keep from squirming while they finished putting on my shoes. I was breathing heavier as they finished the shoes and I stood up on the pretense that I could breathe easier standing than sitting. That also quieted the buzzing as it didn’t vibrate the mattress as I was sitting down. I asked for the under skirt next as I didn’t know how much longer I could keep my erection from becoming too noticeable. I stepped into the slip just as the other girls were coming upstairs from getting their own dresses on. Suzie, Chrissie and Cathy relieved Catherine and Zeny as my helpers so they could go get dressed. Audrey was also waiting outsid the door all dressed in her tuxedo including a top hat and tails.

A Satin Bridal Gown Fit for A Sissy!

After a few more pictures in my lingerie, Chrissie pulled out the gown with a sense of reverence that she must have felt when she dressed for her own wedding. The dress was very formal a little beading covering the bodice, and the girls were very careful as they held it open for me to step into. The long satin skirt was tight against my legs being a mermaid style gown as they zipped me in and hooked the eye of the closure. I knew it would be quite a challenge to get out of the dress, my own long nails would be useless trying to grab the zipper. I was dressed this way until somebody helped me out. Once in the gown the girls stepped back and fussed a bit more until Zeny and Catherine were dressed. Once we were all dressed, all of the girls gave me the final approval with a number of “I can’t believe how good he looks” and “That’s amazing! That dress is so pretty on you” comments. Then just as we were ready leave, the girls had one last surprise for me. Cathy slipped a choker of tiny white costume pearls around my neck that she had found at a garage sale. Zeny gave me a small bouquet of white roses that she had picked up at the flower shop earlier in the day. Chrissie and Suzie helped to pin the veil from Catherine’s wedding onto my head, the very veil that started this whole thing at the bar so many weeks ago. And Audrey had me lift my heel so she could slide a blue and white satin trimmed garter slowly up my leg. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

to be continued…

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  1. i believe i need your assistance..I loved your blog on the sissy bride, i lost a superbowl bet this year and the bet was I need to dress like woman and go to an all lesbian bar here locally by 2/24/11..now, sometimes i wear pantyhose and panties at home, but nobody knows that but me(and I am 100% straight) .. I lost this bet to my captain of the softball team i coach ( the league I coach is is made up of teams of mostly really good players but most are lesbian and know me well after coaching for 7 years….Even though I adore women, I wouldnt mind pulling this off..Please assist me…Pantyfetishguy (michael)

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