Are You A Cuckold Sissy

Are You A Cuckold Sissy? Or do you just dream of becoming one? For some of you, dressing up is not enough! No, you need the erotic humiliation of having your girlfriend or wife dress you up in your frilliest dress and then having her well-endowed Lover bend you over the couch and penetrate you like a real man. Not that you know much about being a real man, haha!

Obviously real men don’t wear panties, but Sissies sure do! If you want to chat more about Women Who Love Cross-Dressers, or if you Want To Be Transformed, then please call me for a session that will ruffle your panties!

xo Audrey

WANT TO CALL ME? HERE’S MY SCHEDULE: Most evenings of the week I’m available from 8pm PST – 1am (11pm – 4am EST) for Calls and Text Sessions. * I now have new hours: 11pm-4am est and 8am – Noon est. * Thursdays are my night off and this Friday 6/7 I have a nice bonus for you: I’m available right now until 5am EST!!

P.S. Have you checked out my e-book Audrey’s Beauty Basics For Sissies

My new e-book: Audrey’s Beauty Basics is now available!

Transforming Sissies And More

This week I am running a 3 part series called How To Give Up Power and Control on my other blog,  While you may not feel that this applies to you, I mention it because there some points that might be helpful, such as finding a Mistress who is a good fit for you and how you can work through preliminary nervousness with a new Mistress.

In case you haven’t had a chance to read my post, Transforming Sissies From A Young Age, I highly recommend checking it out to get to know me and feel more comfortable, especially if this is your first time calling.


You can reach me after 8pm PST/11pm EST almost every evening. Please note, I am striving to be available during the afternoons a few days a week for those of you who are unable to connect in the evenings. Afternoons times are still in the beta phase, so thank you for your patience while I work out a viable afternoon schedule. I also schedule morning appointments with some of my callers every week with advance notice.

p.s. Make sure to delve into the index of my past posts. I cover many fascinating and taboo topics that may be of interest to you, for example you may enjoying my thoughts on Sissy Training or Making the Leap After Lipstick.

Women Who Love Crossdressers

In the first few minutes of a call with a first-time crossdressing client, I’m often asked: Do you really understand what I’m going through? Do you think I’m weird for dressing like a woman? Could you be attracted to a man who wears panties? Do you think I’m pathetic? Why would you care?…

I heart crossdressers!

All good and valid questions. So if you are thinking of calling me for the first time, or it’s been awhile since we talked, and you need to refresh your memory, here are a few things I think you might find helpful to know.

I Dressed My Brother From A Young Age

I will never know exactly what it’s like to be a guy who wears women’s panties, but I do know about how my brother loved being dressed up as a young boy. I dressed him from the time he could walk, and turned his baby blanket into a strapless long gown. Later he joined me and my friends when we played ‘dress up’ and oh how he loved the attention when we fussed over him and put lipstick, wigs, dresses, and heels on my baby brother! He has struggled with his femininity most of his life. I have a deep understanding of some of the trials and tribulations that go along with being a crossdresser.

Are There Really Women Out There That Love Crossdressers?

Yes! I talk to crossdressers every day who are married or in a committed relationships with a woman, or dating a woman and she knows about his love of panties and need to dress. Did you know that it’s been estimated that over 80% of crossdressers are straight?

For those of you too afraid to tell your significant other, I understand this too. We can talk about ways to bring it up, or just chat about it in general–getting things off your chest (no pun intended), even, and sometimes especially, with a stranger can be surprisingly gratifying. But trust me, we won’t be strangers for long. I have close bonds with many of my long time crossdressing callers and there’s always room for one more!

Do I Like Sissies and/or Crossdressers?

Of course I do! Otherwise I wouldn’t have this job! Because of my history with my brother, I will always have a soft spot for crossdressers. I love the sensuality, the feminine impulse, and the great sensitivity that crossdressers bring to the mix. For full disclosure, I’m a dominant woman and I date alpha-males, but that’s why I so thoroughly enjoy the friendship of my sweet and sassy crossdressing girlfriends! We can gossip, giggle and even commiserate about the often unfathomable mind of the straight male. With me you can let it all out, no comment or topic will ever be “too feminine” or  silly for discussion. We can talk about serious matters too, and you will never have to worry about being too much, too personal, or too emotional. That’s what I’m here for.

I hope this answered some of your questions. I’ve posted extensively about many issues to do with crossdressing here at, so I hope that when you have a moment you’ll peruse the index for previous posts. If you’d like to connect and I’m not immediately available, please feel free to email me at I take calls and am also available for text sessions most evenings and if you want to schedule an alternate time, I’m happy to accomodate you with advance notice.

The Stockings Were Hung

Dreaming of silky stockings? Sliding them on your legs, fastening them with a garter belt, listening to the sound of them rubbing together as you cross and uncross your legs?

Did you know that one out of six guys has a nylon and/or satin fetish? If you love to dress and wear stockings, just know that you’re not the only one!

I am here this weekend to help dress, dominate, hear your dark secrets and make your sissy self blush right through the holidays! My immediate weekend schedule:

Saturday, December 24: 7pm – 3am EST   Sorry I’m out with the flu! Hope to be back soon!
Sunday, December 25: 1pm – 7pm EST

You can also check my twitter feed on the right hand index of both this blog and my other blog, for updates and of course you can always click over to read Audrey’s Daily Sexy Tweet to bring a naughty smile to your face!

Happy Holidays!

xo Audrey

Merry Merry and Happy Holidays Sissies!

Naughty Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving Sissies! xoxo Audrey

It was the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except a naughty vanilla scented sissy dressed in her finest pumpkin spice satin panties, chocolate pecan silk camisole, with cranberry red lips, and her drumsticks encased in some cafe au lait colored sheer stockings…This could be you, if you let me work my sissy transformation magic!


Wanted to let you know that although there are some technical difficulties on the page, and my photo is not showing up, I AM here extra morning and afernoon hours today through this weekend to take your calls!


Before I sign off, I want to wish my sweet sissies {you know who you are!} a very Happy Thanksgiving + special Turkey Day wish going out to a couple of my long-time callers: beautiful ever-evolving goddess-like Sarah, I’m thinking of you and hoping all is well! My little micro mini tina – you have made such amazing strides! More Thanksgiving shout-outs to the newest to my stable of sissies: Jill, you are making miraculous strides in your feminine transformation! + Tiffany, my newest sweet, obedient and very naughty sissy who will do anything I ask! Happy Thanksgiving one and all and I hope that you are able to take a moment and count your blessings. I consider you, dear reader, to be  one of my blessings and look forward to spending more time together!


I also have some exciting news about a new comprehensive e-Book that I’m finishing geared just for Sissies. I promise you it will change your life! I plan to have it ready in time for the Christmas holidays {give yourself a stocking stuffer–haha pun intended} and it will help you make a fresh start in the New Year. slot machines . More on my new Sissy book very soon!

xo Audrey

Welcome Sissies!


I speak to many of you weekly, some even more than that, but it’s been awhile since I posted here on my blog geared to my sissy readers. That’s because I’m hard at work on a special e-book and e-workbook just for Sissies, that will be indispensable for the new year, the new you! Until it’s ready, I wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you!


I have on-going Sissy Maid Training and Sissy Transformation sessions where I talk to sissies about just about anything and everything they can think of. You might have been caught in panties recently and need to get the humiliation off your chest. Maybe you have crossdressed in the past but are not sure about how to continue. Perhaps you’ve dressed for years and are just looking for the right Mistress to speak with. I talk sincerely and openly with many crossdressing sissies about their deepest desires and help my callers find ways to fulfill their true needs.


I’d like to recommend a little fun reading for you. Here are some of my favorite posts from the past year. I hope you enjoy them!

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Hope to connect soon!
xo Audrey





My new e-book on Beauty Basics For Sissies!

My new e-book: Audrey's Beauty Basics is now available!

Audrey’s Beauty Basics is Now Available!

Hello Beautiful Sissies! As you can see from my new book cover above, Audrey’s Beauty Basics For Sissies, is now available in the LDW audio store under e-books! Just imagine what it what it would be like if I took your hand and walked you through the beauty basics of your sissy transformation–that’s what reading this e-book is like! Audrey’s Beauty Basics is broken down in ten easy-to-digest steps to getting beautiful skin.


Why Skin Is More Important Than Makeup

While many of you are highly skilled in applying makeup, some of you newer sissies still need the basics. I also find that no matter what level of makeup skill you’re at, not a lot of sissies get the low down on the most important ingredient of looking beautiful–which is skin! That’s why this isn’t a Beauty Basics for everyone–no it’s tailored for Sissy Beauty routines. If your skin isn’t glowing and dewy, all the makeup in the world isn’t going to make you look good. In fact, if you don’t understand how to care for your skin properly, makeup can create drab clogged skin!

When it comes to beauty, I have yet to meet a sissy who isn’t obsessed with being their most feminine and beautiful self. I truly want to help you evolve into the gorgeous woman you were meant to be, and if you follow my Beauty Basics For Sissies, I know that you will!

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more Beauty e-books for Sissies. My next e-book, Advanced Makeup Techniques, will be debuting soon!

xo Audrey

Sissy Assignment: Spring Sandals!

In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I have a wonderful spring assignment for you that just posted over at Hope you will play along and send me an email ( letting me know how your Spring Sandal Assignment goes!



I have another fun surprise in store for you! I’m writing a new series of Sissy e-books that  will be available soon in the LDW Store! The series includes Sissy Transformation, Sissy Maid Training, Sissy Brides, and Makeup for Sissies plus much much more! Stay tuned for more news on that in the very near future!


Transforming Sissies From A Young Age

xo Audrey

Afraid of Not Being Understood?

I understand. I often hear from my sissies that they didn’t think I would understand what they were going through and can’t believe how they were able to pour out their heart to me and get guidance about what to do next. Have you ever picked up the phone to call a Mistress but chickened out, thinking she just won’t understand you? How would you like to find a Mistress who has a long history of playing with, transforming, and understanding sissies? Let me share with you a little about why talking to and understanding sissies comes naturally to me!

My History As a Dominant Sissy Transformer

Transforming sissies is not difficult for me because {as you might know if you’ve read my bio} I grew up transforming my own little brother into a sissy from a very young age. I dressed him up even before we had “play clothes” and would use his baby blanket as a makeshift long dress. Although his hair was short, I somehow always managed to get a flowered barette snapped into place. Sometimes I would put a little black Cleopatra wig on him. And of course, I put lipstick and heels on him before he could pronounce the words “pretty pink panties”. As he got a little older, I would transform him into a more seductive sissy using my mom’s old prom dresses. We still have a few photos hidden away in the family album and for some reason, nobody ever mentions them…

Finding the Right Mistress For You

Do you crave having a Mistress who you can confess your deepest fantasies to? Do you dream of a Mistress who not only knows how to transform you, but knows how badly you desire a total transformation? Do you want a Mistress who will take your inner most dreams and wishes seriously? A Mistress who will put you on the path of no resturn, a road to becoming the sissy that you always knew you were deep down. I can help you give a voice to that beautiful feminine being within you. I will never laugh about your real desires {unless that desire includes being laughed at} and together we can transform  you into the sexy woman you were meant to be!

xo Audrey

Lil’ Pussy’s Transformation

Looking for a Sissy Transformation?
Let Me Transform You!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it when a sissy comes to me looking for a transformation. A good Mistress who trains and grooms sissies should know her way around a sissy! {More on my life-long history as a sissy transformer in my next CaughtInPanties post!} The bottom line–excuse the pun, is that a great sissy transformation depends on the sissy herself. A good sissy should be ready and willing and able!


Successful Sissy Transformation In Progress

Gina is a sissy that I am in the early stages of transforming. She has a lovely voice and sweet disposition. She also agreed to my assignment of acquiring her first dildo to “practice” with. Over the course of the week, we traded a few emails about her first dildo. I advised her to start small and work her way up. Gina agreed and finally decided on a blue 2″ wide by 5.25″ long flexible blue dildo with a mushroom head and squeezable balls. Mmmm, Gina is going to enjoy her entry {sorry, another bad pun!} into the sissy world!


The Truth About Lil’ Pussy

One of the important things about having a successful sissy transformation is finding a Mistress you feel comfortable confiding your deepest darkest secrets to. {And just so you know, Gina agreed to let me share a bit of her story with you. I would never write anything about a client without their approval}. But, back to the story,  it turns out, Gina has only had sex twice before {with women}. She is very small and tells me her partners didn’t enjoy it. In her senior year in high school her girlfriend told everyone how little she was. Perhaps you can relate to her size issues or at least the humiliation? Gina told me that she had dated a girl two years ago, and when they finally had sex, the girl laughed at her and called her a “little pussy”. Needless to say, Gina is now my Lil’ Pussy and loving it!


What Next?

Oh there are so many amazing surprises in store for Lil’ Pussy! Her next assignment is to find some silky nighties to wear to bed every night. I also sent her a link to my favorite gorgeous teal eyeliner, which I think will be just perfect to enhance her pretty green eyes!


Perks for Sissy Initiative

Did you know I’m a big believer in a reward system for good behavior? As a sensual dominatrix, I know that positive reinforcement always gets the best results! Gina not only did all of my assignments but took initiative and started wearing panties to work without any coaxing from me. First she wore a pink pair and then a blue pair the next day! As a reward for going above and beyond the call of my sissy training, I am letting Gina go shopping for an extra-special butt plug which she can practice wearing first in the house, and then for short periods out of the house. We will of course build up to longer sessions with the plug and I can’t wait to find out what kind she got! Gina is excited because this is a treat that I usually reserve for my more seasoned sissies when they are farther down the road in sissy training.


Ready For Your Transformation?

I’m always taking applications for sissy training and looking for candidates who want to be transformed. Don’t be shy, you can always approach me via my yahoo IM at enchantrixaudrey or send me an email to If you really can’t wait you can always pick up the phone and call me!

xo Audrey