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Are You A Cuckold Sissy

Are You A Cuckold Sissy? Or do you just dream of becoming one? For some of you, dressing up is not enough! No, you need the erotic humiliation of having your girlfriend or wife dress you up in your frilliest dress and then having her well-endowed Lover bend you over the couch and penetrate you like a real man. Not that you know much about being a real man, haha!

Obviously real men don’t wear panties, but Sissies sure do! If you want to chat more about Women Who Love Cross-Dressers, or if you Want To Be Transformed, then please call me for a session that will ruffle your panties!

xo Audrey

WANT TO CALL ME? HERE’S MY SCHEDULE: Most evenings of the week I’m available from 8pm PST – 1am (11pm – 4am EST) for Calls and Text Sessions. * I now have new hours: 11pm-4am est and 8am – Noon est. * Thursdays are my night off and this Friday 6/7 I have a nice bonus for you: I’m available right now until 5am EST!!

P.S. Have you checked out my e-book Audrey’s Beauty Basics For Sissies

My new e-book: Audrey’s Beauty Basics is now available!

Transforming Sissies And More

This week I am running a 3 part series called How To Give Up Power and Control on my other blog,  While you may not feel that this applies to you, I mention it because there some points that might be helpful, such as finding a Mistress who is a . . . → Read More: Transforming Sissies And More

Women Who Love Crossdressers

In the first few minutes of a call with a first-time crossdressing client, I’m often asked: Do you really understand what I’m going through? Do you think I’m weird for dressing like a woman? Could you be attracted to a man who wears panties? Do you think I’m pathetic? Why would you care?…

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The Stockings Were Hung

Dreaming of silky stockings? Sliding them on your legs, fastening them with a garter belt, listening to the sound of them rubbing together as you cross and uncross your legs?

Did you know that one out of six guys has a nylon and/or satin fetish? If you love to . . . → Read More: The Stockings Were Hung

Naughty Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving Sissies! xoxo Audrey

It was the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except a naughty vanilla scented sissy dressed in her finest pumpkin spice satin panties, chocolate pecan silk camisole, with cranberry red lips, and her drumsticks encased in some cafe au lait . . . → Read More: Naughty Thanksgiving Wishes

Welcome Sissies!


I speak to many of you weekly, some even more than that, but it’s been awhile since I posted here on my blog geared to my sissy readers. That’s because I’m hard at work on a special e-book and e-workbook just for Sissies, that will be indispensable for the . . . → Read More: Welcome Sissies!

My new e-book on Beauty Basics For Sissies!

My new e-book: Audrey's Beauty Basics is now available!

Audrey’s Beauty Basics is Now Available!

Hello Beautiful Sissies! As you can see from my new book cover above, Audrey’s Beauty Basics For Sissies, is now available in the LDW audio store under e-books! Just imagine what it what it would be like . . . → Read More: My new e-book on Beauty Basics For Sissies!

Sissy Assignment: Spring Sandals!

In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I have a wonderful spring assignment for you that just posted over at Hope you will play along and send me an email ( letting me know how your Spring Sandal Assignment goes!



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Transforming Sissies From A Young Age

xo Audrey

Afraid of Not Being Understood?

I understand. I often hear from my sissies that they didn’t think I would understand what they were going through and can’t believe how they were able to pour out their heart to me and get guidance about what to do next. Have you . . . → Read More: Transforming Sissies From A Young Age

Lil’ Pussy’s Transformation

Let Me Transform You!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it when a sissy comes to me looking for a transformation. A good Mistress who trains and grooms sissies should know her way around a sissy! {More on my life-long history as a sissy transformer in my next CaughtInPanties . . . → Read More: Lil’ Pussy’s Transformation